If Robert Glasper, and Amy Winehouse had children, this would be their offspring. I probably shouldn’t be disclosing this music for my indie-itis is setting in, with a rather quick ambition to preserve this precious treasure of a band. But-they deserve every drop of appreciative gloriousness. While they look ferociously unassuming, Hiatus Kaiyote is restoring the authenticity and feel good of R&B. Hiatus Kaiyote is a jazzy, neo-soul band with an earthy atmospheric vibe. Their simplicity and steady progression makes you feel at ease, while they take you on an adventure of highs and lows that leave you somewhere in imaginative stardust-Or with your ears moist from an oozing slow orgasm. And while that sounds vile, Hiatus Kaiyote is the total opposite. With arguable abstract elements combined with the slightly rustic, yet poetic vocals of the lead, Nai Palm; This band can do no wrong. Be on the lookout! Word is they’re nominated for  BEST R&B PERFORMANCE  at the Grammys this year. #KEEPONVIBIN

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