It’s been a while that I’ve been hooked on Max Frost. His charged acoustics, along with a distinct vocal restriction caught me from the start. It’s as if he has mastered the equilibrium of indie rock and neo-soul without being an outstanding “riffy” vocalist- and that intrigues me. Frost is a chameleon of “otherness” that can attract any music lover because of his ability to add pleasing elements of rock, hip-hop and r&b without becoming a digital malfunction. While his 2013 “Low High Low” EP is still my die-hard favorite ;because it favors the subtle undertones of Old School soul, he ventures out in 2015 with “Intoxication”   with more variety in portraying genres, but he still maintains his bluesy lyricism, and “Low High Low” nostalgia with “Withdrawal” and “$Dreams.”The Texas native is currently touring in the East Coast! Hopefully I will be providing a review soon, either for his Detroit or New York concert. #KEEPONVIBING

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