Everything perfect about “A Seat At The Table.”

Number 1 album on the 200 Billboard Charts, A Seat At The Table is the anthemic call to blackness America needs in this time of racial unrest. Released at the dawn of our election, this album is a soother to any person of color and provides clear explanation to it’s willing white listeners. It’s hit single, “Cranes in the Sky” is telling of Solange’s fear and reactions to the double consciousness. Integrated with a great influence of blues, soul and hip-hop- Solange’s dainty vocals takes center stage. A great contender next to her older sister’s smash album “Lemonade,” Solange shows the introversion of black life. Her tracks are fragmented with tellings of both her parents experiences in a  Jim Crow South and the complexity of black pride. Her visuals, with seemingly muted themes has an impact as well, giving many looks and movement to the black identity. It is a cultural masterpiece.


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