INTROSPECTIVE: The Weeknd’s “Starboy”

I have always been weary of the Weeknd’s artistry. Not because he doesn’t have the singing chops, but his distinct sound was now reaching a cringy stagnancy.  I questioned whether he had the vocal agility and stage presence to reinvent himself and pursue respectable longevity in the music biz. But “Starboy” confirms his greatness. Oozing with 80’s like synths, beachy guitar riffs and signature atmospheric pianos, always plays great into his lavish low-life character. And the hit single, “Starboy” is a perfect integration of his smooth Drake-like flows and creamy swooning. What makes this album the most dynamic, is it gateways the dark, soulful artist into bright bouncy pop and hard-hitting trap tracks. But it maintains that left of R&B sound that gave the Weeknd his notoriety. Not to mention that the album is one you can vibe to continuously, no skipping tracks on this one!

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