A Sad Story: Remy vs. Nicki

There hasn’t been  fiery lyrics like this since Kendrick Lamar’s infamous verse on Big Sean’s “Control,” yet I don’t feel the same satisfaction as I did then. Kendrick used his talented wordplay to send concern and tough love toward the rap community. The nature of rap is conflict, and Hip-Hop personality Charlemagne said it best when he mentioned that every song can’t be a DJ Khaled track.

Iconic beefs in the Hip-Hop world has perpetuated some of the best rap songs of all time- it keeps artists on their toes, continually mastering their craft and that’s what Kendrick was highlighting. While this holds true, the beef between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj seems way too forced. I heard spurts of Remy Ma’s comeback for the title of “The best female MC” before she was released from jail- which foreshadowed how sensationalized a beef between two popular female rappers would be. The tension only thickened as Remy Ma’s presence in mainstream grew. Fans interrogated the issue ruthlessly- Who is the Queen of Rap?  That question still remains…

In this conjured situation of a rap beef- There are too many nuances. There is no clear song or lyric that directly points out Remy Ma as the victim of a “Diss.” Remy Ma’s actions to release such a savage roast on Nicki seems quite childish. considering a couple weeks ago she wouldn’t mind teaming up with the Queens-bred “Barbie.” In the grand scheme, this was unequivocally the plot of two opportunists. Nicki, in the strategized ambiguity of her rant on Gucci Mane’s “Make Love.” And Remy Ma in her seemingly rushed record that dropped at the most inappropriate time.I can chatter on my perspective all day, but the question remains- what is to come of this? It isn’t fully safe to say that Nicki won’t have a few punchlines to pull out against Remy. While many argue over record sales, lyricism and image, the true spirit of a rapper is to react.



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