Known for his clever wordplay and heartthrob appeal, Drake wows once again with what I would like to call, “Smooth Rap.” His unique voice crafted against tight-knit trap instrumentals has been a staple in the rap community since his 2013 album , “Nothing Was The Same.” While I’m sure many will disagree with Drake’s sonic consistency, he provides solid rap music; And that is exactly what he executes on “More Life.” With his recent infusion of Caribbean influences forshadowed in the Billboard #1 hit “One Dance,” comes to fruition on tracks like “Blem,” and “Madiba Riddim,” where he displays that he can stay with the times.  But what shines the most is his vulnerable tell-alls, revealing much of the stress and troubles of the celebrity high life.  Toward the end of the album the tracks become more of confessionals, than “flexing” bangers- a common pattern seen on many of his works. Articulate, sensible wordsmith and decent energy is the Rap star we call Drake, and “More Life” showcases just that.



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