INTROSPECTIVE: Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn”

There comes a time in every great artist’s career where they perfectly capture the complicated and heartfelt feelings of a generation. Through iconic storytelling rappers from Nas, to Kanye West have created masterpieces. The vulnerable nuances hidden in stereotypical lifestyles take new form when they are shared. For the generation today, Kendrick Lamarr’s “Damn” was the Holy Grail we never knew we needed. His illustrious sets of funk-infused, Trap and Jazz integrated bangers have cemented his place not only as an artist but a creator- but “Damn” is something different. There is a vulnerability,  rage, and anger that fuel the complicated persona of the Compton lyricist. The caps lock titles of each song on the album gives a universal feel to the common issues of our human condition. Kendrick Lamarr, a leader in this revolutionary age doesn’t back down from adversary, but also doesn’t question it. His frustration plays out on tracks such as the high-energy “XXX” and the fearlessly groovy “ELEMENT.” This album, I wouldn’t say is his best work to date, but definitely the most transparent.



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