The Triumph of DJ Khaled: Producer-turned-Superstar

In a time where mumble rap is thriving, ad-libs are lyrics and there’s a Hip-Hop beef on every corner, it’s nice to see a classic success story. DJ Khaled, Mr. Grateful himself has had quite a year- his notoriety as a social media personality has not outshone his talents as one of Hip-Hop’s most prominent producers. With his tenth studio album “Grateful” released last week, the beat connoisseur is dominating pop music. With both singles “I’m The One”, and “Wild Thoughts” in the top five of Billboard’s “Hot 100,” it’s a blessing to see the DJ get this far. Always collaborating with a slew of artists, Dj Khaled has been the best since “I’m So Hood.” The 2007 hit, shook the waves of rap music, initiating plenty of hooky and anthemic bops. Let’s not forget hits like “All I Do Is Win,” and “Take it to the Head” where he brought out urban royalty from T-Pain to Nicki Minaj. It’s great that Dj Khaled’s finally getting his just due. Catapulting careers from Drake to Rick Ross, he deserves to finally be in the limelight.With four platinum singles and one gold including his most recent “I’m The One” it doesn’t seem like he’ll be stopping anytime soon.

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