INTROSPECTIVE: Superfruit’s “Future Friends”

Everyone knows Pentatonix. Even if you’ve never seen them, you’ve probably heard their music. The talented quintet rose to fame after winning the third season of the NBC a ccapella competition “The Sing-Off.” Unlike previous winners of the show, PTX’s presence on social media skyrocketed their popularity and soon they were churning out hits, specifically Christmas covers. With countless world tours, three grammys under their belt and over 13 million subscribers just on YouTube alone, the band made a big announcement last month. Beloved Bass Avi, is leaving. As bitter as that might sound, cheeky lead baritone Scott and feisty tenor Mitch have created a brand of their own throughout the height of Pentatonix’s career with their YouTube channel Superfruit. Their entertaining vlogs have become something more. A marketable force for selling their trendy merch and sharing exclusive info, these longtime friends have finally released volume one of a two part EP titled “Future Friends.”

While the music is not as daring as I expected, it definitely pleased! Thier single “Bad 4 Us” is an easy listening, pop tune that suits the surprisingly soulful vocals of both Scott and Mitch. This unlikely duo brings 80’s themed grooves to a new level with their edgy R&B lyrics. Impressed by both the songwriting and genre-bending productions, the EP has been in heavy rotation. The second part of their debut will be available on Sept 15th!



2 thoughts on “INTROSPECTIVE: Superfruit’s “Future Friends”

  1. Pentatonix did not break up. Avi will be leaving the group after their current tour ends in September. They have already held auditions for a new bass. They have new Christmas music coming out this year and several members have mentioned a new original album and tour next year. All of the members have been working on solo projects this year. Pentatonix hasn’t broken up, at least not yet.

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    1. In Superfruit’s most recent interview, Scott did mention that Pentatonix will be working on Christmas music. Both their attitudes seemed as if they are focused on their own music though. I will make a correction. Thanks, I appreciate the concern! Pentaholic?


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