INTROSPECTIVE: Jazmine Sullivan’s “Reality Show”

A re-listen to Jazmine Sullivan’s third studio album shared much more than the songstress’s heart-wrenching vocals. Her story-telling abilities shines from beginning to end on “Reality Show.” From tales of label hogging to the classic “Bonnie & Clyde” relationships, Sullivan covers the realities of  “hood” living. Giving context to many of the reality shows on television today, she doesn’t sacrifice any production for her modern day message. Strongly reminiscent of synth-tinged R&B from the 80’s, Sullivan keeps the feel of the album present and minimal. Even when a track seems based in exploration; like “Veins” and “Silver Lining,” she doesn’t stray too much. Centered and pleasant in it’s uniformity, the music floats around Sullivan’s voice.

I am wildly impressed with this album. Unlike her earlier material, Jazmine Sullivan’s sound has progressed to something Alt-pop. Considering her history of shifting around the limelight, I hope she releases new music soon!


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