INTROSPECTIVE: How Great is Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow?”

Bronx’s very own personality extraordinaire Cardi B is dominating pop culture and the charts with her most recent hit “Bodak Yellow.” A nod to Florida rapper Kodak Black, the song is a hooky, aggressive flabbergast of braggadocious rhymes common to the east coast rhymer. Currently reigning in the top five of iTunes downloads and number 12 on the Billboard Hip Hop charts, I have a genuine question. What makes this song standout? I honestly want to know.

A great club tune in every respect, a listen to volume two of “Gangsta Bitch Music” presented better contenders. Tracks like “Hectic” and “Bronx Season” are cocky, yet telling themes of rags-to-riches, street life and personal commentary. My favorite, “Foreva” still reigns supreme in that it captures the great American motif of rivalry. Every raw, violent emotion is thrown into a clever flow with a pleasant hook. And while “Bodak” could definitely be argued as Cardi’s breakout hit, I still don’t get it. I guess it’s all in execution? Any opinions?


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