Kehlani: Restoring 90’s R&B?

For a while, I purposefully ignored Kehlani because her music and image appeared gimmicky. Her early tunes seemed too hooky, and didn’t look well for longevity. How I was wrong. A listen to her debut album “Sweet,Sexy,Savage” revealed just how cohesive and legitimate her sound is. Reminiscent of Neo-soul talents like Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys and Jill Scott, Kehlani’s production elevates the atmospheric grooves of 90’s R&B. What’s even more striking is her vocals setting me in an eerie nostalgia of SWV’s lead, “Coko” Gamble, she keeps the lyrics just as expressive as her attitude. Tracks like “Escape’ reminds me of India Arie in it’s articulate, acoustic luster, yet Kehlani can switch straight to a modern, boppy furrow of chilled Hip-Hop with tracks like “Too Much,” and “Distraction.” I wouldn’t go as far to say that Kehlani is “restoring” R&B, but she’s definitely creating an appealing integration of pop and R&B. A great album for young and old alike. THIS IS SNEAKVIBING APPROVED!


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