INTROSPECTIVE: Migos, A Healthy Trifecta

The chart-topping southern rap trio, Migos has defined this year with their 2017 victory lap of an album, “Culture.” From “T-Shirt” to “Get Right Witcha” to the infectious sultriness of “Bad and Boujee,” Migos rejuvenated the Dirty South with a refined rapid-fire style that is unique in it’s velocity and sound. It is no mystery that even the most strictest and scholarly fueled music critics see something magical about the southern rap crew’s luring melodies. While their music is the force behind their fame, I think it’s more than that. Their unique aestethic and playful chitter chatter on and off the stage is something quite reminiscent of rap groups that came before them like Run-DMC, N.W.A and De La Soul. While the early 2000’s and 2010s came with short lived Hip-Hop supergroups like G-Unit, Cali Swag District and the infamous Lil’ Wayne led Young Money, all of them have disseminated into perilous long beefs, money laundering schemes and unfortunate member deaths. It’s pleasant to see a group, may I say a family( Quavo is Offset’s cousin, and Takeoff’s uncle) that is so in sync with their style, sound and mood, it makes for a refreshing aura in the genre of Hip-Hop itself. No wonder, the rap outfit has been referred to The Beatles. Migos is a fill in for our need of music groups, hopefully it stays that way!


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