2 Chainz: An Unlikely Superstar

Since 2 Chainz’s explosive “Based on  a T.R.U Story” album, he has grown into a respectable rhymer for the Hip-Hop upper echelon. While his music may sound simplistic and braggodocious to an average listener, he uses just that as foundation for every style and genre he dips his metaphorical toes in; and it works! He capitalizes off of timing and split second craftiness to shine where his lyricism is lacking. “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” is not only a nod to the obvious, but to the sounds that influences him. With an array of A-list producers and a refined banter that displays his growth in increments, I am excited to see where the Dirty South rapper finds his next inspiration. Make sure to listen to “It’s a Vibe,” on his recent release!


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