INTROSPECTIVE: Demi Lovato’s “Sorry, Not Sorry”

Demi Lovato’s “Sorry, not Sorry” which is clearly an effort to extend her urban reach on radio, is simply an enjoyable record. The significance of the record is not just this unexpected transitioning from Rock-Pop to Urban-Pop but also that her voice is a just do for the genre.  From her early beginnings even on Disney, Demi Lovato has stuck out as an unadulterated artist with up to par pipes. Since the first time I heard her debut hit “Get Back,” I knew that she would be someone who retains a presence in the limelight. While my hopes are high for the former Disney star, this could be short-lived. I don’t want to accept this as a PR move that went incredibly well. It is possible that she could stay in the realm of urban sound too; Her sixth album, “Tell Me You Love Me” which was released last month has some standout R&B based tracks. The tenth track “Games,” sounds like an old Destiny’s Child throwaway, while the Lil Wayne assisted “Lonely” is a sweltering slow jam. It is hard to say exactly where Demi Lovato’s trajectory is going, but her audience is enjoying where she is right now, specifically young Brazilians who have flooded the comment section for the official “Sorry, Not Sorry” video on YouTube.     

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