INTROSPECTIVE: Is Chris Brown Breaking Barriers Anymore?

Chris Brown is the James Brown of our generation; Captivating, extremely talented, yet limited. In the darkness of his many shortcomings, a part of America (particularly the wealthy and powerful) has blocked him from opportunities. This is evident in his eagerness and determination to just stay current in the music world. He is unapologetically the King of features. It’s amazing to see how his talent has single handedly driven his career. With the track record Chris Brown has, he should have a dozen endorsement deals and a dozen more cameos, if not leads in A-list films. We all know why he doesn’t.

This is why I understand his bad boy image. What I can’t comprehend, is why I haven’t seen any maturity from that. Chris Brown has continued to release hit after hit and every time its a little less enjoyable because so much of it is unnecessarily raunchy. In this way, he is holding his self back. The exotic, slightly other worldly vibe of Chris Brown and Tyga’s “Westside” (Fan of a Fan Album, 2015) is corroded with worthless sexual innuendos. “Back To Sleep”(Royalty, 2015) I listen to with caution because he ruins the romantic,  melodic jam with worthless expletives and don’t get me started with “Privacy” – his whole rapping bit is a hot, funky mess that is just so ridiculously dispensable.

As I think about it, Chris Brown’s career has the Benjamin Button syndrome. If we take a little stroll down the way he came into the music game, it was pretty clean cut. He was a personable, happy-go-lucky artist who used his light-hearted charm for exposure- something he should be doing now! There is so much more to be transparent about other than what you can do in bed. An as a male artist stemming from R&B, he has to do more than that. He is selling himself and the genre short. And I don’t think I will ever fully forgive him for bringing R&B to the mainstream and then abandoning it.

As a lady music lover, Chris Brown is a hard person to compute. I want to root for him, but I’m bitter, and I don’t see any growth from him. His lyrics are just too redundant, and with the anticipation of his ninth studio album rumored to be released this month, I’m losing confidence about his progressiveness. A recent listen to his early albums (Chris Brown, Exclusive) showed a softer, more vulnerable personality which I reiterate is the very foundation of R&B. The last song by Chris Brown to hit number one on the Billboard was “Run It,” let that sink in.


Now that I have listened to Chris Brown’s album (Not every song of course) “Heartbreak On A Full Moon,” my feelings really haven’t changed. Chris Brown’s redundancy is even clearer on the 45 track double album. With every track dealing with either stealing someone’s girl or exalting his skills in the bedroom, there is nothing cohesive or starkly different about HOAFM. This album just seems like overkill.

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