I’ve been thirsty for something organic, but I never thought it would be Duckwrth. The South Los Angeles rhymer is brings an interesting twist for even left of Hip-Hop. His lyricism wrapped in interesting wordplay and minced over a rather funky, tech production gives eclecticism a home. Besides the wayward stylings of his sounds, DUCKWRTH’s message has a unique sex appeal and always encourages being different, (or ugly) as he likes to put it. Introduced to his music last year with his first single, “GET UUGLY” off his first mixtape “I’m UUGLY” the artist shows promise especially with his aesthetic. With a swag like Andre 3000 and a sound ominously familiar to Goldlink, DUCKWRTH is one to watch in 2018. His second mixtape “An XTRA UUGLY MIXTAPE” is out now! Check out his song “I’m Dead.”

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