#NEWVIBES: Bruno Mars’s Finesse Remix ft. Cardi B

Lathering in the spirited hipster I am, the eighth track off of Bruno Mars’s 24k Magic album, Finesse, is a funky, groovy 90’s inspired record that has been in heavy rotation already with me. The remix featuring Cardi B shot to the Billboards overnight and shows an even more exciting visual. The music video paid homage to the late 90s television comedy series “In Living Color.” The music video opening with an enthusiastic Cardi B painting over the screen with bright colors, while Bruno stands in the back dancing. With a pleasant chemistry and playful antics Cardi B and Bruno Mars breaks out midway with a soul train line on a set that looks fiercely similar to the one in “In Living Color.” While the music video adds a New Jack Swing-ish vibe to the song, by itself it’s not as much of a spectacle, but still delivers. The Finesse Remix which emanates major vibes of an early *NSYNC record, is perfect for a ride in the car or a dance-off in the club!

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