#NEWVIBES: Migos’ “Culture 2”

When “Culture” was first released, it reinforced the grand braggadocio of not only Migos, but the Dirty South’s continuous influence to Hip-Hop. Extremely symbolic in it’s nature, the Migos’ attempts to keep this a fact with “Culture 2.” Of the 24 trap flavored tracks, “Culture 2” dips itself with experimental sounds. The Drake assisted “Walk It Talk It,” seems a little lighter in production, but is still a banger. “Narcos,” samples bongo drums and acoustics while “CC” splatters auto-tune over the track before Gucci Mane takes the record over. “Gang Gang” is a slow jam with an elusive falsetto that breaks up the monotony of the triplet style. The Pharrell-produced “StirFry” is the most unique track, displaying a funkier, creative side of the Hip-Hop trio. Overall, “Culture 2” doesn’t possess the same precise execution of “Culture,” but the album packages the very long track list to the dedicated mixtape listeners, while securing chart-topping hits.

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