#NEWVIBES: Elle Mai’s “Boo’ed Up”

The steady and euphoric rise of R&B music has found a new generation of lovers, but not quite it’s lane. With the constant gimmicky introductions of music into the mainstream, it stunts the reach of the many original, soulful sounds that are radio worthy. And while artists like Bryson Tiller, Chris Brown, and Sza have made some strong tears, Elle Mai has the potential to rip the veil.

The British songstress who first was discovered by producer DJ Mustard, from her singing on Instagram, has gotten major attention thanks to the single, “Boo’ed Up” off of her third EP, titled “Ready.” The EP, and its prophetic grandeur, has garnered millions of views on YouTube alone and heavy radio play. The single, a laid back synthy groove finds an interesting balance with Mai’s subtle, soulful voice.

A brief listen to the rest of Mai’s EP shows direct inspiration from the golden age of 90’s R&B. Similar to “Boo’ed Up,” tracks on the EP like “Makes Me Wonder,” and “Anymore” showcases Mai’s minimal, yet passionate songwriting and sound; very reminiscent of artists like SWV or Mary J. Blige. Then there’s records  like, “Breakfast In Bed,” and “Nobody Else” with heavier productions that are club ready. Currently on tour with Kehlani and set to release a debut album next year, I’m excited where Elle Mai is going!


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