INTROSPECTIVE: The Carter’s “Everything Is Love”

Since the tantalizing and dramatic unpacking of Beyonce’s “Lemonade” in 2016 and Jay z’s conscious yet, apologetic “4:44,” no one figured the tragic, vulnerable lives of America’s favorite black billionaires would find redemption in a joint album. “Everything is Love” cements the the ending of an elusive couple struggling through infidelity, to a union led solely by love.

“EIL” is stripped and then battered in array of soulful, simple sounds from soft boom-bap to light tempos to  blazing synths. Balancing their senses of R&B and Hip-Hop, “The Carters” (as their listed on the album) is a fresh-faced, bare bones artwork full of playful banter and purposeful stamina. “APESHIT,” the second track on the nine-track album is full of notable wordplay.

“Gimme the paw, gimme the ball, take the top shift
Call my girls and put ’em all on a spaceship
Hang one night with Yoncé, I’ll make you famous”

I said no to the Super Bowl: you need me, I don’t need you
Every night we in the endzone, tell the NFL we in stadiums too”

“Tell the Grammy’s fuck that 0 for 8 shit
Have you ever seen the crowd goin’ apeshit? “

And while APESHIT encapsulates all of the epic glory and high energy we love about (mostly) Beyonce and Jay-Z; the rest of the tracks in its modified, singularity pushes a delicate, nostalgic sense of awareness. “FRIENDS” is a laid back, Drake-esque acknowledgement of  the superstars’ closest supporters. While Beyonce separates the reals from the fakes, Jay lists all of his closest friends and why.

“You know everything you say from niggas close to you
You emotional; when I say, “Free the dogs,” I free ’em
That’s how Meek got his freedom.”

“LOVEHAPPY” gives the resolution we don’t deserve, but happy to receive. The very last track gives a deeper understanding of the couple’s strife, and more so their triumph. This track also carries the most illustrious instrumental (in my opinion). With B’s buttery vocals carrying the song through a set of funky percussion, Bey and Jay playfully and briefly set out their past trials.

“Sitting, dock of the bay wit’ a big yacht
Sippin’ Yamazaki on the rocks
He went to Jared, I went to Chaumet out in Paris
Yeah, you fucked up the first stone, we had to get remarried
Yo, chill man
We keepin’ it real with these people, right?
Lucky I ain’t kill you when I met that b.. (nah, aight, aight)
Y’all know how I met her, we broke up and got back together
To get her back, I had to sweat her
Y’all could make up with a bag, I had to change the weather
Move the whole family West, but it’s whatever
In a glass house still throwing stones
Hova, Beysus, watch the thrones
Happy in love”



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