Since hosting the third track on DJ Khaled’s “Major Key” in 2016, Nas has teased  Hip Hop OG’s and New School’s connossiuers alike with the fact that his album is coming. And while we might be a little bitter because were receiving it now, two whole years later; Nas definitely impresses, providing the high end lyricism we’ve been starving for. The seven-track album completely produced by Kanye West is a potent and troubling perspective of what the future holds. Always armed with social and political commentary, Nas quotable lyrics are too much to name, so here’s a few…


“Get scared, you panic, you’re goin’ down
The disadvantages of the brown
How in the hell the parents gon’ bury their own kids
Not the other way around?
Reminds me of Emmett Till
Let’s remind ’em why Kap kneels”\


“Who knew I would grow to meet presidents that respect me?
If Starbucks is bought by Nestlé, please don’t arrest me
I need to use your restroom and I ain’t buy no espresso
Soon enough, assume the cuffs, the position
Not new to us, since back on the bus sittin’
Said, “Screw that bus!” – boycotted that bus outta business
The future’s us, yet every citizen’s in prison”


“Insecurities is keepin’ you disabled
All this money to get, is it less time?
They ain’t stopped printin’ money, ’cause they made mine
I learned to stretch time, these are the best times

I’m in my neighborhood in stadiums, the Mets’ kind
With restaurants and Carbone, spicy rigatoni
Go hard, a red Bordeaux, oh God”


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