With all the clout chasers and mumble rapping running Hip-Hop’s new school, sometimes it’s hard to decipher what music is genuine, even if it sounds good. A quick listen to “Loose,” creates a grey area of this constant debacle. The fourth mixtape by Louisville rapper Jack Harlow takes shape initially with a sparkling non-chalance and youthful playfulness, but it only takes moments to recognize that the southern rhymer possesses way more skill and craftiness. The full length project which enters in with an organ-like few chord melody and a guitar tap soon becomes a percussive track full of colorful lyricism. While “SUNDOWN” prepares you for more tasteful wordplay, “NUN FREE” and “PICKYOURPHONEUP”  slows down with a Drake-like disposition and a country twang. Soon it becomes clear that Harlow is outlining his sound with a passion in monotone, but leaves more to be heard with experimental sounds displayed on “LIKE THIS” and “KNACK FOR IT,” where he puts his vocals center stage. The curly-qued, blue-eyed rhymer presents a unique sound for image and rap.

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