#NEWVIBES:Tobi Lou’s “Buff Baby”

The Chicago-based rapper ups his eccentric creativity with a just over minimal array of sounds; from a salt-shaker to light piano reverbs. The adventure-time inspired tune dives deeper into Lou’s whimsical, yet aggressive world of sheer bravado and playful banter. The three-minute track enters with a woman’s vocals reinforcing the chorus to come; “I’m a buff baby but I dance like a man.” Rapping briefly through multiple topics like recent heartbreak, rise in the industry and confidence, Lou is a complimentary artist who makes music bend to his larger than life narrative. Gaining an impressive following through Soundcloud in 2015, Lou’s unique aesthetic and coming-of-age themes resonates with young fans and older critics alike. His first album, “Tobi lou and the Juice,” which was released earlier this year continues the blonde-haired rapper’s stories of growing up and adjusting to his newfound fame. If you’re looking for left of hip -hop or quality quirky music, Tobi Lou is perfect for you.

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