An Half-Hour Before The Grammy’s

With very little preparation and scatterbrained composure, I’m writing this love letter to the underdogs and humble pacers. This past year, the music industry lifted it’s magical veil and exposed a vital secret of success: workmanship. Many times, the movers and shakers of a culture don’t see they’re work acknowledged and often that overshadows monumental events like “The Grammy’s.” Now trust me, I have ALOT of issues of how “The Academy” operates but at the same time, It is a litmus test for artists who have extraordinary endurance. So with that said, Congrats to the Mark Ronson’s and Miguels, Fresh-faced purists like Chloe and Halle, or your favorite, everyday East Coast Divas, Alicia Keys and Cardi B. Hip-Hop and R&B is a hard sell in the exec room, but our favorite artist’s willingness and efforts has proved it transcendence.

In honor of this being my first post of 2019, I’ll be enjoying the show.

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