#Buffacold: Rapper Zay Weeks releases project, “Dec. 3075”

 BUFFACOLD: Many times the glitz and glamour of the “Big Apple” overshadows the efforts of surrounding communities. As someone who has roots in New York City but lives just eight hours north in the tundra- like confines of Buffalo, NY,  I find myself discovering an interesting parallel between my two worlds. Both regions possess a plethora of talent, a thriving Hip-Hop culture, and an almost overbearing sense of ambition. In a world full of limited opportunity, my contribution to the ether should not only be consumed by mega-celebrities featured in their 4th issue of Vogue, but also with the kid on my train who sells his own beats or the girl down my street who markets her music on Soundcloud. With that said, I present another column, BUFFACOLD to my “try-to-be” minimalistic blog. This is specifically for urban talent rising and apart of the Hip-Hop scene in Buffalo. Be sure to check it out because sometimes the coldest places bring the heat. Yes, I came up with that.

ZAY WEEKS: In pure “music nomad” fashion, I was introduced to Zay Weeks (ahem my inaugural Buffacold piece) music from stumbling upon a random event I attended out of sheer curiosity. BeauFleu’s music and arts, an internationally recognized organization whose known to highlight the city’s most influential artists at their annual festival, also has monthly installations. Weeks, who was featured at BeauFleu’s most recent show earlier this month, instantly caught my eye.

Sometimes the bump of an 808, or cadence of a lyric sticks out from an artist, but with Weeks, it was his stage presence. Other than the random girl who tugged on my shoulder, screaming “Thats my cousin!” during his set; Week’s sound, style, and flow was something reminiscient of a mid-2000’s Drake or Jersey-era Fabolous. A closer look and listen to his most recent project, Dec. 3075 shares the complete picture of an determined emcee who is continuously rising in his skill. The album begins with a few chords and a rather softer sound from the Queen City rhymer.

“I got all these records on me. I try to be patient. I just try and wait, but I dont wanna ever have to wait for too long.”

A foreshadowing message for what much of the album shares, Weeks constantly tickles the ideas of success. From dreaming of Miami nights, to sipping on the finest alcohol, the rhymer constantly displays classic Hip-Hop ettiquette on “Utopia,” and “Spaceships,” with proposals of supporting his family and rap collective, Royal Kings. He also doesn’t shy away from the troubles of ambition on tracks like Utopia,” and Harbor Side featuring fellow rapper LBS. But perhaps, my favorite tracks are the ones where he let’s his heart spill like a faucet. The last two tracks on “Dec. 3075” embody what [I at least] feel makes Zay Weeks so unique; Achieving transparency and empowerment. The Ella Mai sampled Take A Momentand Boom Bap aestethic inGo From Here” puts Week’s lyricism center stage.

“This is heart, meets real, meets pain, meets chill, meets knowledge, meets skill- Got me feelin’ like i’m floatin.’

On top of making genuine, REAL music- Weeks isn’t afraid to dip his voice into a diverse set of sounds.  Zay Weeks is an artist who considers all things. Calculated and effortlessley executing music; which could easily be apart of rap hits circulated today, he is definitely one to watch.

4 thoughts on “#Buffacold: Rapper Zay Weeks releases project, “Dec. 3075”

  1. I was at that show! He definitely stood out over all the other talent, not taking away from the rest. Regardless of his inner battles, on stage he exudes strength and convidence. I thank you for really getting his message .

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