#BUFFACOLD: FIRE N IICE drops new single “Throw It”

One of my first tastes of Buffalo’s Hip Hop came from tween sisters rapping over pleasant, minimal productions back in 2013. Montana and Silver, also known as Fire N Iice were impressing crowds in small venues around the Queen City thanks to their crafty street tales and melodic punchlines. Dropping highly anticipated singles for the last few years, assisted the talented duo in creating their own brand of femme street rap. Despite their growth in Buffalo, the sister’s relocation to Atlanta helped leverage their connections in the music industry. Burgeoning with a refined sound, the now 18-year old and 20-year old siblings are bringing their blazing flow, with style and commercial sex appeal in their most recent single “Throw It.”

With an almost instantaneous, infectious piano melody and blundering 808’s, “Throw It” plays a new introduction for the rapping duo. More self-realized, sassy and overflowing with confidence, Fire N Iice stands solid to the likes of mainstream acts like City Girls or Cardi B. Despite it’s larger than life aura, the sisters discovered the beat for “Throw It” on YouTube.

“We just started freestyling like we usually do, and then we just came up with something,” Silver mentioned.

With their abilities to create illustrious rhymes of money talk and street bravado, the rhyming duo is only at the beginning of their journey. With the intent to drop an EP, go on tour, and participate in some movie cameos within the next year, Fire N Iice are ones to watch.

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