#BUFFACOLD: GHAF set to drop Melancholy Music Volume 3

Amongst Buffalo’s many eccentric voices, is Ghafir Verse. Despite being only 23 years old, the elusive rapper has been making music for over 10 years. Creating and producing almost all his projects himself, the rising artist is known for integrating dark elements with his sound. Bringing philosphical ideas and edgy aesthetics into his music, anticipation is high as Ghafir a.k.a Ghaf sets to release his new single, “Melancholy Music Volume 3” on May 4th.

A continuation of the dark rhymer’s discography, “Melancholy Music” is an accurate title for Ghaf’s sound. The rapper’s ability to combine his raw emotions over adventurous productions, with mainstream sensibility makes him one to watch. Whether he’s crooning about heartbreak, spitting a braggadocious sixteen, or humming against grand synths, there’s always a generous dose of somber energy. Constantly searching for purity through darkness, Ghaf’s unique brand of Hip-Hop attempts to touch the “terrestrial plane to the extraterrestrial plane (universe).”

“I think my personality plays a big part. Big emo vibes. I’ve always had an innovative mind when it came to creating a sound that would be trademarked in the sense that when you hear it, you know it’s me,” Ghaf mentioned.

Recent notable singles, like “Gng” or “King City” gives strong insight into the Buffalo rapper’s style. His particular transitions from quick witted rhymes, to deep set vocals shows influence from contemporary acts like The Weeknd, or a very young Drake. With that said, in Buffalo’s soundscape, Ghaf stands alone in his individual creative process and how formless (or formfull) he can become in his music.

With Melancholy Music 3 as a single, from his next project When Darkness Falls set to release on July, 12th; the risque rhymer is excited to share the next step in his journey.

When Darkness Falls was thought of in 2018 during a period of adjustment (for lack of a better word). I stumbled across a book called “Bringers Of The Dawn” and felt so connected to what was inside. The book came right on time and explained what I was experiencing and what I needed to do. This project will be a dope ass composition of relatable concepts and frequencies meant to target the subconscious as you vibe out to what you hear. I want the world to know about pain and growth. And evolution. Getting to a point where it no longer takes pain to trigger growth. Instead living everyday, connecting to your existence,” Ghaf explained.

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PRE-SAVE MM3 here: https://unitedmasters.com/m/5e7e5c82a2ca6d6816d9b6b3

IG: https://instagram.com/ghafmusic?igshid=1xem6kisu0og

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ghaf.verse

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc24RE50O8YS-EH98yIBCRA





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