#BUFFACOLD: Lindsay Niccs releases Debut “Redemption”

Ascending as a talented vocalist in the Queen City, Lindsay Niccs is revamping what gospel sounds like for the modern listener. Known for her contemporary r&b sound, Niccs debut project, Redemption, is a sobering, simmering warning against worldly temptation. Released in the middle of our country’s contentious social climate; on June 1st to be exact, the 7- track ensemble is a timely soundscape that forces you to slow down, inhale, exhale and take a spiritual journey.

“My hope for the impact of this project is to allow people to [be] honest, patient and vulnerable with themselves…allow themselves to breathe.”

“The Lord’s Prayer,” the first track off of Redemption sets the mood; Also known as “The Sinner’s Prayer,” Niccs recites the popular message before adding her own creative spin that flutters into half poetry, and half groove. Turning the naturally stoic and routine prayer into a jam session, her buttery vocals on “The Lord’s Prayer” intros into the next track. A stripped-back, yet brisk composition, Niccs battles her misleading conscious on track 2, “Lemme Calm Down.” With gutsy whispers and fluttering background melodies, Niccs warns of temptation and the dangers that linger beyond it. Easily a standout single, “Lemme Calm Down” showcases Niccs ability to be transparent, dynamic, and groove-centered without losing the execution of her message.

“Lemme Calm Down” is one of my favorites! I love how it feels!..They all feel euphoric in the birthing process!”

Other songs like “Fasting” is a trap-flavored, classic R&B vibe that marinates on an infectious chorus and buzzing feature from rhymer and musician BizzleOnDaBeat. Then there’s “Bethany” which turns up the groove thanks to Niccs vocal acrobatics and reggae-inspired production value. Screeching “This is my oil” against an easing base guitar, Niccs displays how deep the storytelling of a bible tale aligns with the urgent troubles of today.

“With this music, I want people to be able to be patient with themselves and show themselves grace and really be inspired to understand who God actually is outside of the confines of a building. I’m not perfect at all and mess up often and repent. But nothing can separate us from the love of God. Every single last person is unique and has a purpose. And the very things we think make us strange, are the very things that qualify us for our calling in this world. God is love and He will always be love and I hope everyone can experience that and share with everyone they come in contact with. I hope the music is felt on a spiritual level, beyond genre.”

Just under 20 minutes, Redemption is a pleasant, persisting journey through Niccs eagerness to be spiritually sane. Though she leans into her Christian ideologies, she doesn’t falter in urging her listeners to confront the possible destructive ways in which we live. Niccs lays her own sins down by example; typical gospel proximate tracks like “Heat it Up (Reprise)” and “Long For You” feel like love songs more than worship anthems. Putting her own spiritual intimacy on display, Niccs music is both powerful and inventive, and something I haven’t quite heard from Gospel music yet.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lindsayniccs/?igshid=nedvxhe6cky5

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=lindsay%20niccs

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM_06huwZm4w2JFoZuN4a1A

LISTEN TO LINDSAY NICCS ON THE #BUFFACOLD playlist. Now on Apple Music and Spotify!

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