#BUFFACOLD: $hade’ia Drops “Alway$ Cozy”

Rising rhymer and entrepreneur, $hade’ia is bringing a fresh change of pace to Buffalo’s Hip-Hop sound. Despite being in the early stages of her rap career, the chill rapper has wasted no time dropping multiple buzz-worthy projects including the latest, Alway$ Cozy. With notable contributions from burgeoning producers and creating her own record label, $kino Record$, the femcee is creating a soundtrack for her community.

Referring to her neighborhood as “Down the way,” $hade’ia encapsulates the relaxed, easy-going vibes of the people she grew up around. Representing areas like the Towne Gardens, and Clinton Street, the slick tongued rhymer’s monotone rapping and humming annunciations paints the exciting, yet laid-back scenery of life in Downtown Buffalo.

“We just be chilling in our own little world, like we all family down there,” $hade’ia mentioned

Released last month, Alway$ Cozy centers $hade’ia as a flourishing voice of reason. Tracks like “$poiled Hood Baby,” and “The Reali$t” are chilled, mid-tempo anthems that display the femcee’s pride for her neighborhood, but it doesn’t come without considering ways in which herself and her people can grow. Led by her distinct, mellow voice, other tracks like “Ma$ter of my De$tiny,” and “Never be a $tati$tic,” tackles the idea of finding ways to reach financial freedom. Full of flushed drums, thumping 808s, and random bells, $hade’ia’s colorful messages of motivation and pleasant reminiscing is assisted by minimal, yet lively production value. Working with a core group of producers, including artists like OG Sole and M-A who also make appearances as guest features on the young rhymer’s projects, $hade’ia hopes people see the intent and evolution of her work.

“It’s okay to hustle cuz you gotta get it how you live, but you gotta do something with that money so you won’t be in the streets,” $hade’ia explained.

The urgency of $hade’ia’s rhymes on Alway$ Cozy is following after the success of her previous project MarQuino 3/24. A body of work made in dedication to her uncle who passed last year, the rising rhymer released some of her most dynamic, radio-ready singles on that project. Songs like the bouncy and rhythmic “Wa$$up Babby” or the simmering, base-dropping “Knock Knock” set precedent for $hade’ia’s lyrical exploration on Alway$ Cozy.

With a plan to drop a project every month for the rest of this year, the young emcee has no plan to slow down. With the creation of her record label and some surprise collaborations set for the near future, the rising rapper is paving the way for artists from her part of town to be heard.

“I really want people to hear the growth and style from me…you gonna hear the difference.”


Instagram: https://instagram.com/shadeiastoned?igshid=ncs1du3u0iq6

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjNsdYxy9JjF_hacn0lkT6w

LISTEN TO $hade’ia ON THE #BUFFACOLD playlist. Now on Apple Music and Spotify!

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