#BUFFACOLD: Chango4 & Way2wavybaby joins forces on “Planet 9”

During a late night studio session, rising rapper Way2wavybaby was ad-libbing verses when she randomly mentioned the words “Planet 9.” With femcee Chango4 also present during the session, the duo resonated on the idea of moving to another world. Creatively bouncing thoughts off of each other, the talented rhymers started working sonically on the concept that would soon become Planet 9.

“We wanted something spacey, we wanted something like otherworldly,” Way2wavybaby mentioned.

Atmospheric, lush, yet adrenaline-pumping, Planet 9 is a collection of songs that highlights the metaphorical journey (or stages) of escapism. Every track, strong in emoting a mood from angst to celebration, the duo’s intention with the project is to display how music can be a “portal” to another world.

Released on all platforms last week, Planet 9 comes at a significant time. With quarantine still in effect, polarizing politics at the forefront, and rampant social unrest, the idea of leaving earth doesn’t sound as crazy as it would a few months ago; and that’s what makes this project great. Planet 9 is relatable, as it is authentic.

Touching on universal issues like relationship problems, insecurity and indulgence, the talented duo’s transparency is their super power. Blurring the conventions between singing and rapping, Chango4 and Way2wavybaby gives dynamic vocals to assist in telling their woes. Songs like “nightmare,” “see me drifting,” and “knee deep” are dark, and shrill but still melodious and doesn’t sacrifice the usage of blundering 808s. Other tracks like “skyeyes,” “hatrick” and “s.s.w.e” are more upbeat, lively mid-tempo songs that narrates the confident, sometimes braggadocio of the skillful, artistic couple.

Layering many tracks with minimal synths, fleshy drums and sometimes auto-tune, the eclectic duo also invites the abstract. Bell rings, hand claps and nursery rhyme-like choruses makes this project feel mystical, and that’s thanks to rising producers Sxreammvker (pronounced “screammaker”) and College Boi for their collaboratory efforts in the production value of this project. Even as you listen, the track listing gives you an idea of what sound (or mood) you’ll get into next.

 “We placed somewhat importance on the actual structure and order of the songs because we wanted it to make sense,” Chango4 explained.

Birthed out of spontaneity but executed with intention, Planet 9 is a pleasant introduction to these fresh faces in the local Hip-Hop scene. Chango4 and Wavy2wavybaby ‘s left of center, vibey-esque rap music is a sub-genre that is capturing the attention of a growing amount of listeners. Joining forces for such an interesting body of work is not only smart, but gives a taste for what these artists’ have set for the future. Apart of a larger local collective called #CVLT2 ( pronounced cult), the group centers femme-identifying artists, producers and rappers together to highlight their talents.

With a tape in the works from #CVLT2, and ascending profiles in the Queen City, both Chango4 and Way2wavybaby are ones to watch.

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Instagram: CHANGO4:https://instagram.com/changofour?igshid=177hunif1q4th / WAY@WAVYBABY:https://instagram.com/way2wavybaby?igshid=1ru86v3gaztbw

Youtube: CHANGO4: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaLNc-eIWBJ4eWKQ / WAY@WAVYBABY: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2_-ij8DCNpBOXXvfTwOdeg

LISTEN TO Planet 9 ON THE #BUFFACOLD playlist. Now on Apple Music and Spotify!

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