#BUFFACOLD: The Rise Of Kane Wave

Propelling to the forefront of Buffalo’s Hip-Hop scene, rapper-singer Kane Wave is capturing the eccentric nature of the Queen City in his music. Known for his high energy performances and unique integration of Rap and R&B, Wave’s provocative personality and efforts as a songwriter has catapulted him into local stardom. Building a larger hype through his latest full-length project, Loverboi, released earlier this year, the rising artist is teasing new music and building a trajectory that shows no sign of stopping.

“I went through so many transitions before I actually did music,” mentioned Kane Wave.

Despite knowing his natural talent for singing early, Kane Wave initially put that skill on hold to pursue football. Breaking records at his Alma Maters – Bishop Timon and Riverside High School, the future artist didn’t start pursuing music until his senior year, after an injury. Shortly after beginning his journey with experimenting and producing music, the young artist joined rap collective Jerzee Boyz, and later on Low-Class Aristocrats; Connecting with friend/producer Bo Swayzzy and other fellow rising artists like Hefe Bossup, Mack Benton and 12:03, the young rhymer began working with multiple artists in the city.

With his drug paraphernalia inspired stage name, and eccentric personality granting him attention, it wasn’t until Kane Wave dropped his first series of tracks titled Hoodstar that cemented his growing appeal. Released exclusively on Sound Cloud in 2018, Hoodstar evoked the left-of-center, ambient-driven trap music that was slowly becoming mainstream. Almost entirely produced by rising rapper/producer OG Sole, Hoodstar thrives between eerie rock elements and thundering Hi-hats. Known for his popular adlib “Spooky,” Kane Wave’s dark aesthetic on Hoodstar catapulted him as a unique heavy hitter.

“My freshman year in college…that summer I came home and I had broke up with my girl…and I was mad-sad I couldn’t like rap. I wanted to rap, but I really couldn’t rap so I just started singing till I was crying. Literally singing till I was crying…It’s like 3 songs on Self Love Club that came from that,” explained Kane Wave.

Working with local production company, Haute La Vie 2166 for sophmore project Self Love Club, Kane Wave flexed his muscles as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Assisting Wave with mixing and mastering for Self Love Club, Haute La Vie expanded the rising artist’s catalog, with most of the project produced by Grammy-winning producer/songwriter Breyan Issac. Working beside the production company, Kane Wave also had the opportunity to lend his songwriting talents for artists like Austin Mahone, Normani, PJ and secured a songwriting license for a track from the exclusive Netflix Film Nappily Ever After.

“Them the guys I got my blueprint from…where I created the identity of Kane Wave,” mentioned Kane Wave.

The monumental impact of Hoodstar created an expectation for Kane Wave’s music that he flipped on its head for Self Love Club. A tender, alternative-leaning R&B album, Self Love Club displayed the rising artist’s ability and eagerness to be sonically fluid. Popular singles from the project like “Selfish” and “Don’t Play with My Head” are dreamy, minimal and more introspective than what many listeners were used to.

“I don’t make music for people. I make music because that’s what fills my soul. That’s what gives me peace at the end of the day. When I’m sitting here feeling anxious, I have to go make a song and I feel better afterward,” explained Kane Wave.

From unfortunate experiences at shows to coping with the death of beloved local artist Gu Razor, Kane Wave’s ability to stay resilient and relevant didn’t blunder. After a short stint in Daytona, Florida to write for more artists – Wave continued traveling along with notable local visual artists Truey V a.k.a DNTWATCHTV and Byron a.k.a “Seeing Sounds.”

In the interim of preparing for the creation of Loverboi, Kane Wave also performed with home grown rap trifecta Griselda for their L.A shows late last year. From meeting Jay-Z , to kicking a speaker off the stage, Wave recalls his most significant moment was experiencing that particular show with fellow artists and friends Camouflage Monk, Hitch Burney, Truey V, among many others.

 “Doing shows is really like a release for me,” mentioned Kane Wave.

Marrying the rage-filled rhymes of Hoodstar and smooth vocals of Self Love Club, Kane Wave let his freestyling take center stage for Loverboi. Recalling that his hit single “G&L,” was mostly created on a trip to the restroom during a session with rising producer Mvrro, Wave isn’t afraid to maintain and share his experimental edge.

“All them songs are real. Everything I say is real,” Kane Wave explained.

With the positive reception of Loverboi, and a recently released teaser track “X&O” the rebellious, yet calculated rapper-singer is set to drop a project titled One Of A Kind on September 20th.

“I’m not cocky, but I’m cocky” – Kane Wave


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanewave/?hl=en

Twitter: https://www.instagram.com/kanewave/?hl=en

Youtube: https://www.instagram.com/kanewave/?hl=en

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