Only releasing music for the last few years, rapper Anthony 1999’s influence on Buffalo’s rap scene is significant. His ability to collaborate with an extremely diverse set of artists has ascended his sound as apart of Queen City’s Hip-Hop soundscape. Quickly recognizable by his deep, yet energetic rapid-fire rapping style, Anthony 1999 specific talent for elevating music (whether it’s his or not) is catapulting the rising rhymer into the local limelight.

“I’m not gon’ tell you about anything I’m doing…I’m just going to show you,” mentioned Anthony 1999.

Naturally elusive, the young rapper’s move into the music scene was gradual, but also very ambitious. With no initial social media presence, Anthony 1999 only had a few collaborations and a growing word that he makes music before dropping his self-titled debut tape in the Spring of 2019. Ushering in a strong, positive reception and cult-like fanbase, the rapper’s project, Anthony 1999, displayed the rising emcee’s lyrical agility and strong presence on tracks that cemented him as a widely used voice for hooks and features.

Collaborating with the most eccentric to the most minimal rappers, Anthony 1999’s resume’ consists of working with notable acts Billie Essco, K$upreme and D Savage just to name a few. With his notoriety reaching peak in the city last Fall, Anthony 1999 began working on the deluxe version of his self-titled project. Amongst the hype of his first album, the rising rapper secured an honorable mention as one to watch in Billboard and swiftly moved to L.A to broaden his horizons.

“I didn’t drop music for a whole ‘nother year…I’m really proud of myself for that because who can really do that and not lose people,” Anthony1999 exclaimed.

Despite his move to the West Coast, Anthony 1999 kept his momentum stirring in Buffalo. Among his plethora of memorable features, the rising rapper shined most bright on his own tracks. Singles like “95 Edison” and “Bob Stone” displayed the power-packed cadence and nimble lyricism Anthony 1999 is known for. Dropping the deluxe version of his debut project this past April, the rising artist made new memorable songs with trendsetting rappers K$upreme and Buffalo-bred Billie Essco.

Mentioning the 7th track from his deluxe project titled “Eastside,” featuring Billie Essco– Anthony 1999 can recall the serendipitous night he bumped into Billie during a random studio session in the Hills of California.

“As I’m recording, freestyling my stuff off. I look behind me. I see Seeing Sounds and Billie Essco…I’m like “Oh shit! These my niggas from Buffalo!”…shit like that really touched me,” explained Anthony 1999.

With the natural flow of the session producing what would be “Eastside,” Anthony 1999 asked Essco to hop on the track. Signifying the rising rapper’s roots, the mumbling asiatic production also highlights Anthony 1999’s transition from Buffalo to L.A.

With the lasting impact of his self-titled projects carrying on, Anthony 1999 is already experimenting with new sounds. Recently releasing teaser singles titled “Letter to Arion” and “The Plan,” the rapper is not afraid to contextualize himself; whether its a mid-tempo Afrobeat or minimal, stripped back production. Hinting at dropping a new project soon, Anthony 1999 is only getting started.

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