In the last few years, producer and rapper Mvrro has emerged as a staple artist in the local Hip-Hop scene through his overwhelmingly, impressive amount of producer credits. Working with many of Buffalo’s most notable talents from singer Amber Simone to rapper Kane Wave, the 22-year old producer is a significant contributor to Buffalo’s thriving soundscape. Dropping his sophomore project, 2mro Sound last month, the rising beat maker is taking another step towards his own path as a multi-faceted artist and quality collaborator.

“It was a lot of work that I put into these songs that I had for over a year and a half – some of them. It wouldn’t sound how it sounds now if I didn’t make those small decisions, and if I didn’t take that year,” explained Mvrro.

For David Salter aka Mvrro, 2Mro Sound is a calculated compilation of his work as a producer. The 8-track project holds some of Mvrro’s most cherished and heralded beats that have only been shared with a select few. With the initial intention to drop many of the songs last year, Mvrro chose to sit on them and focus on further shaping his sound.


In hindsight this was a clever choice considering the rising producer scored major hits with many artists from the city. Engineering notable songs for Ooze Gang, Anthony 1999, King Vad, Plax, Ghaf, including his own single “Pop Out” last year, leveled up Mvrro’s influence and network as an artist; And it also shed light on the consistency of his management.

Meeting Eann Robinson and Kiman aka DJ 360 while attending Fredonia was a pleasant move of fate for Mvrro, because he seriously hit a turning point as a producer while in college. Selling beats and gaining traction through word of mouth, Mvrro’s prominence on campus garnered attention and support from Eann, who was his peer advisor while in school. Eventually bringing Kiman into the fold, Eann played a prime role in exposing Mvrro to talent at Fredonia including the apartment and party hub, 7/11 Parkplace.

We turned that joint into the music trap spot…We started working on beats, we made the “Welcome to 7/11 project.” We just got so much work done in that time…And people knew us for that,” Mvrro said enthusiastically.


Recognizing the influence and growth of his artistry from having Eann and Kiman around, Mvrro quickly made them his management. High off the impact of their Welcome to 7/11 project and buzzing 2018 single “What You Sayin,” the momentum the trio was able to build while in school set precedent. Already leading a production and record label team titled E.A.R entertainment at Fredonia, Eann and Kiman continued to push local creatives, and eventually re-branded themselves under what is now EAR Quality.

 “You can tell somebody’s intentions and their energy from how they help you with certain things and how they talk to you,” explained Mvrro on choosing Ear Quality as his management.

Nurturing a handful of talent since 2018, Ear Quality’s work with Mvrro particularly has been significant. Since their time at Fredonia, Mvrro has dropped a stream of singles, developed a hefty catalog of engineer work, and made history at 93.7 WBLK for his production on Amber Simone’s 2019 single “Want It All,” which was the first ever local record featured on the radio station’s prime time segment The 7@7. Steadily progressing in exposure and capability as a producer, Mvrro’s approach to his music is also becoming clearer to his listeners with 2mro Sound.

 “When I’m making beats, I’m usually making songs. I approach it like I’m gonna make a reference track for somebody else,” mentioned Mvrro.

It is important to mention that Mvrro is also a rapper. Despite his notoriety as a producer, all of Mvrro’s original music features his voice front and center; An interesting attribute knowing that he makes beats as if he is a songwriter rather than an engineer. Dropping his very first solo project, Summer Jam 2019 in May of last year displayed Mvrro’s potential as a full fledged artist; So it’s not surprising he continued to refine 2mro Sound before dropping it.


“Everything was made in a different time space of where I was at,” mentioned Mvrro.

On his most recent project, Mvrro uses beats predominantly made before 2020. Many of the songs were unedited and unmixed raw instrumentals that he saved for himself. Eager to capture a certain energy with these sparingly shared beats, the rising producer’s creative process in utilizing them was to lay an enthusiastic groundwork sonically for himself.

For example, the 4th track on 2mro Sound, titled “Rollercoastin,” was a largely sought after beat Mvrro kept since 2018. Recognizing its demand, he would share the beat to build a hype around its release.

 “I had released the first snippet of that 2 years ago. And ever since then, I would get random texts from people like ‘Yo, send me Rollercoastin, send me Rollercoastin.’ I sent Rollercoastin to a few different friends and they would hit me up like ‘Yo, so and so wanna know if I can send them Rollercoastin,’ and I just been purposely doing that. I’ve been teasing it just cus’. People were just so really well receptive of it,” Mvrro explained.

Or another example, the last track titled “Fred ’17” where Mvrro moves back and forth between crooning and rapping was a step towards revealing a new side of himself. A beat he also teased sparingly, “Fred 17” allowed Mvrro’s spontaneity to lead the track.

 “That’s the same rough cut. I don’t even know what I’m saying on the hook. I remember writing the verse. And at that time I was an ‘in my feelings type of person’…but I was also really big into battle rap…I was tryna be more meticulous on how I would speak,” explained Mvrro.


In my opinion, Mvrro captures the best of his abilities as a producer with this project, and that is engineering beats that are both colorful and minimal. Whether its “2 the League,” or “Trip” moving with infectious piano-centered melodies, or “Rollercoastin” and “Like Me” fueled by fluid 808’s, Mvrro keeps the intensity of his music cool, calm and collected. Despite laying these songs together from different times with no respect to track listing, they decently transition into a smoother track than the one before from beginning to end; An interesting detail to note when considering Mvrro made this project purposefully for the colder months.

“I wanted it to be closer to the end of November because it started to get dark sooner…It’s just a chill type of mood this time of year brings,” mentioned Mvrro.

With a great reception and humble buzz from dropping 2mro Sound, Mvrro is focused on extending his reach even farther. With plans of working in Atlanta and possibly California in the New Year, the rising producer is set on developing a repertoire in the ATL. Similar to many other local artists, Mvrro’s potential transplant to Georgia symbolizes the need for people to recognize the diversity of talent in Buffalo.

“People think that N.Y. needs to have one look, and one sound and one variation…there’s regular people that into regular shit too,” Mvrro explained.

As local musicians continue to dodge the stereotypical circumstances of a small town, it’s empowering to know artists like Mvrro have been able to humbly break through as a force and contribute new, exciting, youthful sounds to the Queen City’s Hip-Hop community in particular.

With 2mro Sound gaining ground and new listeners, this project runs as an organic time capsule and for Mvrro, a reintroduction of his abilities.


Instagram: https://instagram.com/prodbymvrro?igshid=18hbrj5rnpd2k

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProdByMVRRO

Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC7RyiIbBf43Vwu7ydeX8CJg

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