#BUFFACOLD: Mile High Muzik teases “ULTRA HIGH”

Mile High Muzik is hitting their stride. In the last year, the longtime Hip-Hop collective has dropped new singles, new merch and opened their own store, Nami Labs. Utilizing their newly owned space to not just sell clothes, but make music, the core group of the collective – which consists of rappers M-A, Yung Henny Water, Karma, Leek, Ken Bulls, and producer Check Jordan – has been teasing their highly anticipated sophomore album, Ultra High.

This album is very Hip-Hop. This is a lot more lyrics and beats,” M-A mentioned.

Mile High Muzik’s sound is a soulful combination of Rap and genre-bending. Inspired by artists from Jadakiss to Prince, the rising rap group’s diversified introspective soundscape is both unique and intriguing. Moreso, their ability and agility to fluidly bounce off of each other’s flows and productions are their superpowers – recent singles like “The Finale,” “Spiritual Vest” and “Pray For Me,” are perfect examples of that. But for Ultra High, the six-piece is going back to their “Buffalo roots.”


Applying a more intense lyrical approach to their sound for the new album, you can likely expect Mile High’s upbeat playful banter to simmer comparatively to their 2019 debut It’s Not Rocket Science or 2020 summer project Juugly 2. Still showcasing their distinct sound through storytelling and production, the group wants to bring their originality to Buffalo’s gritty brand of Hip-Hop on Ultra High.

 “We’re like your everyday people really outside of the music,” M-A explained. “A lot of the people that have that rougher sound is a reflection usually of their lifestyle. We’re trying to bring back the feel-good aspect.”

Mile High Muzik from left to right : Yung Henny Water, Kenbulls, Leek, Karma & M-A

With their profile ascending for not only music but now business, Mile High Muzik is elevating their art and others as well. Since Nami Labs’ grand opening last August, the store has launched multiple new merch lines, held painting events for the community, and devotes part of the store as an interactive art gallery space to share and sell local visual artists’ work.

“Everything all came together naturally and gradually,” mentioned Yung Henny Water.


With some of the members rapping together for over 8 years, much of Mile High Muzik’s recent success with Nami Labs comes from the consistent hard work they’ve put into their music, shows, and pop-up shops in the past. As their influence continues to grow, Mile High Muzik’s goal is to keep the communal energy in the music and art scene going with Nami Labs and the release of Ultra High.

“These lines that are coming off of Ultra High just represent the responsibility level that we have now,” concluded Check Jordan.

Ultra High is set to drop late February to Mid March so stay tuned!

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NAMI LABS is located on 1493 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, NY Check out their press on Channel 7.


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