In honor of March a.k.a Women’s History Month, Sneakvibing Blog wants to celebrate rising lady artists in Buffalo, NY that are creating and revolutionizing the movement of Hip-Hop & R&B music everyday. From producers to rappers to vocalists, Sneakvibing reached out to women who are all uniquely involved in the burgeoning, local music community. To add context, we’ve separated our handpicked, highlighted artists for this month into 3 sections: “The Spitters,” “The Songbirds,” and the “Rulebreakers.” Every Monday, we will highlight + drop mini-interviews of 3 artists from each section up until the end of March ( 3/8/2021 – “The Songbirds,” 3/15/2021 – “The Spitters,” 3/22/2021 – “The Rulebreakers”)

First up are the SONGBIRDS.

SONGBIRD – A woman who sings with power, strength & unction; She has the magic to convert her feelings into sound.

As someone whose been following Buffalo’s Hip-Hop community closely for almost 3 years now, my eagerness to discover specifically lady R&B artists hasn’t subsided. The R&B genre in itself can be elusive at times; and when it comes to that type of talent, effort, intimacy and calculated-ness of creating, performing and releasing R&B music, it can get easily overlooked; especially by the rising influx and dominant presence of Rap artists in the area. In this aspect, representation and exposure is important. With that said, the 3 “Songbirds” I’ve chosen to highlight for #WOMENSHISTORYMONTH are incredibly talented vocalists who show major potential as both versatile artists and rising superstars. Taryn, Jada and $auce The Artist all capture the modern R&B sound everybody loves, while still adding their youthful energy and own unique twist to it. – Schondra Aytch


How would you describe your music?

“I get asked this a lot and I never really know how to answer it. As far as the sound goes, I feel like my music is alternative R&B, but it has elements of other genres as well. On my last project REALITY I had some Pop and a little bit of Funk on there along with the standard R&B. I’m just getting started so I feel like I’m still working on my signature sound. I do write my own music though and some of it is about my personal experiences while other times I write about things I feel like everyone can relate to. I try to make music for everyone you know.”

What is your favorite song on your most recent project/ single?

“My favorite song on my last project REALITY is definitely “Earn Your Keep” it was one of the earlier songs that I wrote before I even decided to release a full length project. I wrote it at a time in my life that I was really embracing myself and practicing self-love. Knowing your worth, especially as a woman, is important to me. And I feel like anyone that wants a place in your life whether [it] be friendships or a romantic relationship, should earn their spot in your life and vice versa. I expect people to earn their keep the same way they should expect me to. My most recent single though, is definitely my absolute favorite song that I’ve ever written. It’s called “You Only Call Me”. I wrote it about this guy I used to date years ago drunk calling me and I would get upset because that’s the only time I would hear from him. I was reflecting on that experience one day while listening to the beat and I just started writing about how I felt. It’s a great record that I feel like a lot of people can relate to. I feel like if you haven’t called or drunk-texted someone then you’ve at least received one off those calls. I’m guilty myself honestly. I released a music video for “You Only Call Me” as well and it was my first video so I was extremely nervous and excited at the same time but I love how it turned out. Everyone has been telling me how much they can relate and how much they love the record so it makes me feel good.

Who is your biggest lady inspiration?

“I don’t think I have a single biggest inspiration. I think seeing women who look like me, Black women, paving the way in male dominated spaces are my inspiration. I’m a singer/songwriter and the music industry is a very overall male dominated space. Women in general  have to work twice as hard and when you’re a Black woman, it’s 4x. We deal with a lot of pressure as it is so to be in the spotlight like that where everyone is watching what you do under a microscope; it has to be like walking on egg shells while trying to maintain “the look” and adhering to beauty standards while also balancing your craft, your art.  My inspirations are all of the Black women who own those challenges in the industry.”



How would you describe your music?

“You know how in movies, they have the angel on the one side of your shoulder and the more devious version of yourself on the other? My music is the more devious being- more-so things I probably might not do or say out loud. A feeling.”

What is your favorite song on your most recent project/ single?

“My faveeeee song on my EP is “Moody,” which is why I made it my single. If you wanna know about Jada, “Moody” will tell you.”

Who is your biggest lady inspiration?

“My biggest inspiration is my self. My past self is a story of improvement and motivation for being a convalescent, and just better than I used to be. My current self is perserverant – a push to keep the words “I can’t” absent from my personal vocabulary. And the future version of me inspires me to be consistent in everything I do. My second biggest inspiration is my mother. The third is Beyonce!”



How would you describe your music?

“My music is sexy. Versatile. Raw. Genuine. Empowering. And just straight bops.”

What is your favorite song on your most recent project/ single?

“Favorite song out right now would have to be my song from my album; that’s dropping April 24th, Big Ball.”

Who is your biggest lady inspiration?

“My biggest inspiration is Jill Scott. She’s a woman who keep it sexy, but also tells the truth. She’s done so much for the culture as a black woman in the industry. Paving the way for young female musicians like me. I can honestly say there’d be no $auce without Jill Scott.”



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