In honor of March a.k.a Women’s History Month, Sneakvibing Blog wants to celebrate rising lady artists in Buffalo, NY that are creating and revolutionizing the movement of Hip-Hop & R&B music everyday. From producers to rappers to vocalists, Sneakvibing reached out to women who are all uniquely involved in the burgeoning, local music community. To add context, we’ve separated our handpicked, highlighted artists for this month into 3 sections: “The Spitters,” “The Songbirds,” and the “Rulebreakers.” Every Monday, we will highlight + drop mini-interviews of 3 artists from each section up until the end of March ( 3/8/2021 – “The Songbirds,” 3/15/2021 – “The Spitters,” 3/22/2021 – “The Rulebreakers”)

This week are the SPITTERS.

SPITTER – A woman who uses rapping as a form of storytelling; She’s a truth teller and a trendsetter.

One thing I’ve learned to cherish about Buffalo’s brand of Hip-Hop is the honesty. Many of the best rappers in the city possess an unmatched transparency in their music and when it comes to our femcees- it’s even more intense. Whether they’re talking about faith, love, pain or just straight flexing, Buffalo’s rising lady rhymers brings their lives and stories front and center, enabling their listeners to deeply connect with them. The 3 “Spitters” I’ve chosen for this #WOMENSHISTORYMONTH don’t do anything discreet. $hortcakke, Audi3k and Divine The Rapper are all strong-willed, confident lyricists who have a unique grip on integrating their music with their identity- a surefire formula to getting people’s attention and establishing longevity as an artist. – Schondra Aytch


How would you describe your music?

“I feel like my style is changing up and I’m trying new things all the time, but I would say I have more of a bubbly-trap style going on. Music is an ever changing art, almost like a video game, there’s different levels to unlock and they’re infinite.”

What is your favorite song on your most recent project/ single?

“I think “DI$TRE$$ED” is my favorite song off my debut tape $LC ($weet Like Candy). It shows that I can branch into different styles and sounds – versatility is one of the most important things for an upcoming artist to focus on, in my opinion. “$WEETLIKECANDY” is also another one of my favorites. It almost plays the role of an interlude, in being a short song that prepares you for the rest of the tape.”

Who is your biggest lady inspiration?

 “I feel like my biggest inspo right now would be Doja Cat, Rico Nasty, Tay Money, Meg the Stallion. They’re all out dominating the game; lyrics, visuals, their looks, etc. I love the way they don’t hold back and are constantly showing things we’ve never seen before. It’s also really cool to see women holding their own in a male-dominated industry.”



How would you describe your music?

“I would describe my music as a new age mix of Neo-Soul and Rap. I’ve created my own lane with mixing and mastering my harmonies, such as having breaks in my songs where I sing in and out of pocket, or throw a sonnet of poetry in to express myself. The music I create is for people that know there’s more to life than the surface area, more than me and you, or these internet facades people put on. I pride myself in authenticity, knowing that it wouldn’t matter if I had 10 or 10,000 followers, I would still create, in the best ways I know how. So, I would say my music is thought evoking; just as much as it can make you want to fall in love, it can make you want to get up and get fly, or travel the world and never look back. It’s a spectrum, but a good one representing this lifestyle that I live and the brand that I’m building. I hope to be a vessel of energy spreading my vibrations to others, with or without it being televised.”

What is your favorite song on your most recent project/ single?

“My favorite song on my most recent project The Tapes Vol. 2  would have to be “Nirvana,” although it’s a hard pick. I think “Nirvana” is the best put together song on the tape because it paints a picture while listening, you question who I’m talking about, or if the situation is real.By saying ‘I loved her for her mind and still lost’ kind of hits home emotionally if you’ve ever been in a position where you felt as if your efforts towards someone were never enough. In a way, that perspective makes it easy to fit in my shoes. The song is not a heartbroken vibration per say, but an offering, of my emotions and how I really feel. “Nirvana” is a transcendent state of the mind, or elite happiness, which they say we reach just before we die, or in terms it completes the cycle of life and death- release from suffering, desire, and karmic cycles. It would be astounding to be able to give someone that feeling right? Almost unethical; And that’s the point- me feeling I could give my all to someone and evoke this feeling in someone’s heart, or evoke the conversation of how vulnerable I can be. Nirvana. My own form of bliss, to a certain someone.”

Who is your biggest lady inspiration?

“Though it may sound cliche, growing up I’ve never had many people to look up to, other than my mother. She always taught me to be myself regardless of the circumstance, to stay patient, and work hard. Growing up I watched her work independently as an entrepreneur, creating and fluently exuding her own businesses – from making and selling her own jewelry to hosting and dealing poker games. All of this while being independent, taking care of me and my sister. This helped me realize maybe there are superheroes after all! The people that make a way when there is no way! The people that execute their ideas no matter what, and this gave me a huge sense of work ethic.”



How would you describe your music?

“I would describe my music as very versatile. I’m a rapper most of the time, I’m a poet and sometimes I’m a singer; for me, making music is really about the vibe, the love and the energy behind it. I love to perform and create that energy exchange so that people can feel and understand the love and emotion that I put into my art.”

What is your favorite song on your most recent project/ single?

“My favorite song off of my debut album would have to be “Calm and Collected.” I’m really drawn to the lyricism and the message behind it. I think it’s a really dope song.”

Who is your biggest lady inspiration?

 “I would say that one of my biggest Inspirations is Mama Harriet Tubman, to think about her story and how she knew that making one trip wasn’t enough; I admire how much she cared about her people. She was a warrior who fought for the lives of so many people who were stripped of that and because of that I am constantly reminded what a woman is and where the attitude came from.”



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