In honor of March a.k.a Women’s History Month, Sneakvibing Blog wants to celebrate rising lady artists in Buffalo, NY that are creating and revolutionizing the movement of Hip-Hop & R&B music everyday. From producers to rappers to vocalists, Sneakvibing reached out to women who are all uniquely involved in the burgeoning, local music community. To add context, we’ve separated our handpicked, highlighted artists for this month into 3 sections: “The Spitters,” “The Songbirds,” and the “Rulebreakers.” Every Monday, we will highlight + drop mini-interviews of 3 artists from each section up until the end of March ( 3/8/2021 – “The Songbirds,” 3/15/2021 – “The Spitters,” 3/22/2021 – “The Rulebreakers”)

This week are the RULEBREAKERS.

RULEBREAKER – A woman who builds her own path; Who redefines herself for herself, while challenging the status quo.

The progression of music has called for more voices than traditionally usual in recent years. In Buffalo, the Hip-Hop scene has also adhered to that need, and it is evident by the positive reception many rising artists are getting. There’s a fresh, exciting and hopeful feeling that comes with listening to artists who are unconventional – and lady talent brings it to a new level. Particularly, the women that I have selected as “Rulebreakers” for #WOMENSHISTORYMONTH all share in redefining sound and narrative. SaintKathleen, Laura Lora and Shwevs have created their own rules with music and continue to trail blaze space for their sounds to thrive in the Queen City. – Schondra Aytch


How would you describe your music?

“My music is definitely lyric-based and emotional. I have been writing poetry since I was in middle school, and when I started writing songs I transferred poems over onto music. I would say my current sound is female pop-punk combined with hip-hop beats. I am grateful to my talented friends who have made it possible to make my music. I have been exploring a variety of sounds and have goals to work with a band eventually. I am still figuring out exactly where my perfect spot exists musically, and I am excited to keep working with new artists to see where my music will take me.”

What is your favorite song on your most recent project/ single?

“My favorite single I have released is definitely ‘Venom.’ It’s a funny song because I specifically wrote it for a show I was performing in so I could have a banger that everyone could dance to, but the lyrics are actually kind of sad. I sat down, wrote and recorded it super fast and it ended up being one of my favorite songs I ever made. While it does have the 2010 pop vibe that I love, it’s definitely, not exactly my style, but that makes it more fun to perform. I think I just have a hard time writing happy or fun lyrics – everything I write ends up kind of sad. The songs I have been recording recently are definitely different, but I just love ‘Venom,'”

Who is your biggest lady inspiration?

“I immediately started going through a list in my mind of those who have inspired me. I hope this doesn’t sound too cheesy, but after spending a good amount of time considering, I knew it had to be my mother. We differ in many ways and have had many ups and downs in our relationship, but at the end of the day no has inspired me more. No one can match her in confidence of self. Being shown through life what it means to demand respect, go after what you are passionate about, and to show real love for others has built up my passion for life and for art. She is a strong mother of five who just finished returning to school for her master’s degree in her 40’s. She loves to dance and laugh and doesn’t take anyone’s shit. While she is not a professional musician, she has taught me my love for performing via always being the brightest in the room. I would not have the confidence to truly be myself without her guidance.”



How would you describe your music?

“I would describe my music as an existential and identity crisis….not in a bad sense but in the perspective of a journey. My music is like a smoothie of the places, kultures, and people I have experienced. I used to look at this as a curse because I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere and to be frank I still kinda do; however, I am growing to see the positive side of it. I was fortunate enough to grow up in both Ghana (West Africa) and South Central LA. I grew up listening to a range of traditional African music such as afrobeats, hilife, hiplife etc., but also Black American Kulture/music such as hip-hop, soul, and r&b, while simultaneously, broadening my musical pallet with reggaeton, mariachi, and traditional Mexican/Latin sounds. I have also had the privilege to travel and see other places in the world that have helped broaden my mind, how I see people and myself, which is an African woman navigating through the politics of blackness and womanhood.”

What is your favorite song on your most recent project/ single?

“My favorite song from my most recent project is ‘Exotic Lady’ and ‘Confirm or Deny,’ but unfortunately, these songs are not out yet lol. I mentioned them because they explore topics of being confident in your sexuality and your skin as a black woman, which also represents the growth I’ve made in my music. In terms of music that is already out, I would say ‘Ghost’ is also another favorite song of mine. It explores the psychological journey you go through when ghosted by someone you valued in a relationship. It also represents reclaiming that vulnerability and turning it into personal power; in a weird sense, the song represents finding closure in the midst of the emotional confusion and turmoil.”

Who is your biggest lady inspiration?

“I hope this doesn’t sound too cliche but women are my biggest inspirations in life. I have been blessed with many mothers, friends, and sisters who have nurtured me one way or another so I really cannot answer that question with one answer. All of these women, including my biological mother have qualities of vulnerability, resilience, wisdom, tenderness, warmness, and beauty that transcends beyond what the eye can see. I love me some women.”



How would you describe your music?

“I would say the best way that I can describe my music in words would be majestic. I wouldn’t box myself into a sole genre just because my production is really all over the place. But one thing I do have is that whimsical majestic sound to every beat I make. Whether it be fairy bells or plucks, or just really crispy chords; I try to show light in my music as much as I can and that’s the best way I know how to.”

What is your favorite song on your most recent project/ single?

“I really enjoyed my recent album ‘Park Closes @ 10.’ It has some of my most proud production along with a lot of my favorite artists from Buffalo on it. My favorite song changed almost everyday because there’s something different in each track. There’s no set mood and it’s kind of subtly chaotic in that sense and I really admire that. I’d say right now my favorite track on the album would be ‘Rainy Days BONUS’ feat. !K.Rob!. He helped on the mixing of the track and he absolutely killed it. He makes it easy for me to kind of picture everything he’s talking about in the song. I like when artists can make me feel like I’m watching a movie or I’m right there with them. He did a great job of capturing my attention that way.”

Who is your biggest lady inspiration?

“My biggest inspiration musically, I would have to say definitely Missy. The first CD I’ve ever purchased on my own was ‘Under Construction’ lol. She had a whole lane of her own and stayed to herself while still punching out hit after hit. She had creativity that went along with her artistry that really goes unmatched in my opinion. It wasn’t all just hip-hop for her and I admired that she stepped outside the box on almost every track she had.”



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