#BUFFACOLD: Jrey Cash Talks “Under Dog Szn” + New Deal

Since bursting onto the scene back in 2019 with his hit single “Chips,” Jrey Cash has been an artist to watch. The mid-tempo, minimalist party track that stood out on the rapper’s Jefe Take Over project that summer granted him significant attention and opportunities to expand- and he did. With a clothing line, Forever Mackin, EP Under Dog Szn and inked deal with the newly created Buffalo-based label, Joint Venture Music, the future is looking bright for Jrey Cash.

“Me as an artist, I like to keep working,” Cash simply explained.



After the release of the highly anticipated Jefe Take Over and his 2020 effort Donations Vol. 3, Jrey Cash started this year in light negotiations with Joint Venture’s CEO, Larry Miles also known as Happy. A consistent collaborator and supporter since the rapper’s rise into the forefront of Buffalo’s hip-hop scene, Cash expressed Happy has been preparing to bring the rapper on his team for a while.

“I know he has the mindset. I know he has like the right connections, right ideas,” Cash mentioned about Happy.

Well-connected, and known for giving the city exposure when it comes to the entertainment world, Happy’s alignment with Cash signals a turning point in both of their careers. For Happy, this is a move to lead with professional support for aspiring local artists and for Cash, this strengthens his already influential presence as a dominant artist in the city, and growth for national attention.

Right: Jrey Cash Left: Happy

Around the same time Cash signed his deal last month, the rapper also dropped a surprise EP titled Under Dog Szn. Unlike his prior two projects, Under Dog Szn is short and concise – a likely move to package himself and his style for mainstream appeal. The 5-track project which stands just over 10 minutes, highlights all the rapper’s strengths – clever wordplay, infectious hooks and bass-pumping production. Standout tracks like “Intro” and “Respectfully” are radio ready songs that are already gaining popularity on streaming platforms.


“It was just a little something to give…so I’m staying like relevant…I needed to give them something,” Cash explained.

Continuing to leverage himself, Jrey Cash is already working on his next project. With some surprise features in the vault the rapper is focused on expansion. Set to drop an album this summer, Jrey Cash wants to put Buffalo on the map.

“I’ll always rep Buffalo because…It made me who I am,” Cash concluded.


Instagram: https://instagram.com/jreycash?utm_medium=copy_link

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamjreycash?s=21

Youtube: https://youtube.com/c/JreyCash

Website: https://jointventuremusic.com/

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