In under a year, rising artist Maegan Jones a.k.a Maegan The Singer has brought a new, fresh, and exciting sound to Buffalo. Just beginning her journey as a live performer last October, the singer-songwriter has quickly woo’ed audiences and listeners with her soulful styles of acoustic pop and r&b. Slated to drop her debut project Pretty Girl next month, Maegan The Singer is one to watch.



On June 7th, 1979 President Jimmy Carter initiated June as Black Music Month (also known as African-American Music Month). This initiation which recognized Black American’s contribution to American Music worked doubly as not just a way to legitimize Black Music’s impact on American culture but also to give younger, rising Black artists an opportunity to share their talent. In honor of that, we here at Sneakvibing would also like to share a handful of rising Black artists that are contributing to Buffalo, NY’s music community in a major way. Today we highlight Maegan The Singer!

“Black music is triumph. Black music is strength. Black music is soul and Black music is international – It’s not only American music, it’s not only Canadian music…There is no such thing as music without black people.” – Maegan The Singer


A natural music head who grew up in a very musical family, Maegan has sung all her life. Heavily influenced by gospel and soul music from the 70’s and 80’s, the rising artist’s earliest memories of singing is at church. Already having a natural love of singing, it didn’t take long for it to manifest into a love for songwriting. Keeping much of her songs to herself throughout her life, Maegan didn’t fully pursue music until her older brother passed away last Summer.

“It was one of the most devastating moments so far in my life, but it inspired me to write my first song [that] I would record,” Maegan mentioned.

That first song, titled “You Are The One” which was written in honor of her brother, she performed at his funeral. Receiving a positive reception from that performance, encouraged the rising musician to start writing music and recording with stronger intent, a decision she believes is a Godsend.

“God is so good,” Maegan exclaimed. “God is God throughout the ups and the down you know. He doesn’t cease to exist when you’re going through hard times and he doesn’t cease to exist when you’re going through the great times. And I felt as though at the lowest moment of my life the Lord truly blessed me with meaning.”

Feeling a connection to her brother through her music and understanding how much it resonated with people gave Maegan the confidence to start performing live shows. With just her voice and a guitar – which she only started playing about a year ago – the rising artist has sung r&b covers and her original music around Western New York.

Featured in regional media platforms like Buffalo Rising and Ain’t Tryna Hear That podcast, Maegan is spreading her talent far, captivating people through her acoustic sound and heartfelt lyrics. Deeply relatable and melodious, Maegan The Singer’s songwriting stands out because it brings sincerity.


On “You Are The One,” Meagan croons: “You have to go and live your life/pure love is pure sacrifice/ Told my brother I’ll do better next time/ Didn’t know next time was next life.”

Slowly stepping into music arrangement along with songwriting, the rising artist’s relatively fresh stage in guitar playing, has informed her process of music creation, and strives to continue elevating.

“I always love to write songs, but I needed an instrument to help me,” Maegan explained. “Learning an instrument helped me understand a new side of music and really helped my depthness as a songwriter, musician.”

With only two singles out right now – “You Are The One” and “Tonight” – the songstress has quickly built anticipation for her 4-track EP, Pretty Girl set to drop July 2, 2021. The project, which will feature her current singles and 2 new tracks titled “Pretty Girl” and “Melissa,” will touch on her experiences as a woman who is navigating through society’s beauty standards.

 “The reason I called it Pretty Girl is – it’s not about me being physically good looking. It has nothing to do with the physical…The chorus is “If you’re looking at me, look at my integrity. I’m a pretty girl,” Maegan mentioned.

A student of music, and a passionate storyteller, Maegan’s distinctive, acoustic r&b and pop sound is as inspiring as it is unique.

“At the end of the day I just love what I do…and I honestly believe this is my genius – and…When I say that this is my genius I mean this is the gift that God gave me in order to help other people,” Maegan concluded.

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