Rapper Ayam JC dwells in minimalism. Since we discovered his music last year through singles like “Ben 10 Kim Possible,” and “Light The Ugly,” Ayam JC has subtly developed a look and style off of his mantra-like rap that is a unique integration of stark production and spacious lyricism. But his most recent single “24 On The Line” takes it up a notch.

Ayam Jc at a recent show in Erie, PA

The bass shuttering, percussion-led track feels otherworldly. From the occasional xylophone taps to the powerful ad-libs, there’s a sense of urgency and scarcity. A seething production that could only be made from the mind of longtime Buffalo producer Sxreammvker, JC intros his vocals with “24 on the line, what you gon’ do with it?” The immediate call to action adds to the already intense feel of this track but also gets the listener intrigued.

Producer Sxreammvker IG: @sxreammvker

Throughout the single, Ayam JC covertly tells broken stories about financial struggles (“Put the profit that I want up on the mood board”), adversity (“I see the bad opps, I pull up with 3 friends”), infidelity (“Niggas sweatin’ her, I sent her a dm”), and time management (“3 days, I cannot pretend”). The encapsulation of this sonically mystifying single feels like poetic justice, but that’s up for you to interpret. Listen below:



Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmgNvdYYlY0qvBWMf2aN6fg

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