Grace Greenan’s delicate, sometimes somber voice is one that is breaking boundaries. Performing and collaborating with a range of artists in various genres from pop, edm, to new age hip-hop, the rising singer-songwriter is adding refreshing dimensions to her indie sound. With Greenan’s genre-bending approach to almost all of her music, we’re looking forward to discovering her more and seeing her progression. Take a listen to her 2021 effort, Eden! We briefly spoke to her in honor of #WomensHistoryMonth about her inspirations.

Sneakvibing: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Grace GreenanMy biggest inspiration in the industry at the moment is Billie Eilish. Her art not only acknowledges environmental issues and the presence of sexism in the industry, but makes all people feel welcomed, loved, and included.

SV: How would you describe your music?

GG“I’d describe my music as alternative pop, but I like to refer to it as “sad girl music” because it has always been my way of escaping my own struggles with mental health.”

SV: What is your favorite song on your most recent project?

GG“My favorite song from my most recent project ‘Eden’ is Sticks and Stones, which outlines my personal experience with anxiety and depression.”


Instagram: https://instagram.com/gracegreenan?utm_medium=copy_link

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvFHAo8K9yNwX_Uu0AulmiA

Check out GRACE GREENAN on the #BUFFACOLD2022 Playlist!

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