Emreign’s slow-simmering music is subtle but still packs a punch. Mixing vibey moods with elements of hip-hop and alternative sounds, the lowkey songstress’s music is a style were excited to tap in with! Give her album Diaries a listen. We briefly spoke to her in honor of #WomensHistoryMonth, read below.

Sneakvibing: Who is your biggest inspiration?

EMREIGN“Mac Miller.”

SV: How would you describe your music?

ER“I’d describe my music as free of regulation. It’s somewhat euphoric/atmospheric, & full of sounds/harmonies that create emotion. The goal is to produce something captivating that I’ve yet to hear. It has a powerful, but still, relaxed sound so it’s really easy to connect with or just chill to.”

SV: What is your favorite song on your most recent project?

ER“Alone time.”


Instagram: https://instagram.com/dabaddestguy?utm_medium=copy_link

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyjuGTIIx5iZFjLmkdmodcA

Check out EMREIGN on the #BUFFACOLD2022 Playlist!

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