An energetic spitter amplifying her own style and sound, rapper Jazzie Jay’s high-octane music is on our radar. Mixing street tales with intriguing POVs, the young emcee, has been collaborating with rising, young artists like 14 Mafia, Audi3k, and Waniebop just to name a few. With her recent project The Hoodrat Playlist, making its rounds, we’re looking forward to hearing was she’s doing next. We briefly spoke to her in honor of #WomensHistoryMonth about her inspirations.

Sneakvibing: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Jazzie Jay“My biggest inspiration musically would have to be Beyoncé, I’ve always admired her work ethic, creativity & talent she is the queen!”

SV: How would you describe your music?

JJ“I would like to describe my music as real n**** music – no matter what subject, what beat, what topic, I like to always remain myself and be the most-raw hardcore emcee.

SV: What is your favorite song on your most recent project?

JJ“My favorite song that’s out right now would have to be ‘No Letting Up Part 1’ on The Hoodrat Playlist which you all should definitely check out all bops all vibes.”


Instagram: https://instagram.com/dabaddestguy?utm_medium=copy_link

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaN3rGt70QL6MWeoXz9O6PQ

Check out JAZZIE JAY on the #BUFFACOLD2022 Playlist!

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