Fully produced by rising rapper/producer Wizzle, lyricists Gaine$ and Skoob joins forces on the energetic 6-track EP Bars & Brews. Building anticipation for the project’s official release later this month, the artists’ gave us a first listen. Here’s what we think.

Gaine$, Skoob, and Wizzle join forces for Music Visual to “Bomb Threat” & “Follow Me.” Filmed by Sky Dweller. Local Artists, Genecist, Iyam, La Reiz, and other artists make cameos as well in the visual.

1.This Is Very Enjoyable Lyrical Exercise

Both Gaine$ and Skoob never disappoint when it comes to lyrical agility and style. Between Gaine$ swanky, reserved flow and Skoob’s colorful wordplay, we find the master wordsmiths’ playing off of each other really well, while still embracing their lyrical identities. Standout tracks like “Follow Me” and “Bomb Threat” ( which they also made a visual for) are simmering streams of braggadocio, and rightfully so. Touching on liquid courage to street runs on “Bomb Threat” to more introspective and trance-like songwriting on “Follow Me” – filled with pockets of cautionary tales and teeming confidence, this duo makes great artistic choices.

2. Wizzle’s Production Is Solid

Whether it’s blazing trumpets, sharp bell rings, or soulful melodies, Wizzle’s production always finds a nice pocket. The balance he finds in measuring the fullness and minimalism of a beat is most evident in “Shinobi” – despite the slim percussion, and spacey piano keys, it’s just enough to give richness to the song. “You & Me” is also an impressive track especially for its production. The tinges of hyper-pop elements and R&B sounds make the song feel timeless. Wizzle is very solid, but we’re also looking forward to seeing his progression in beat-making.

3. This Is A Vibe Setting Project

The underlying playfulness of this EP is what we vibe to the most. Between Skoob’s expressive adlibs, Wizzle’s sly samples, and Gaine$’s melodic hooks, you can tell this project was built with strong chemistry. There’s a comfort and confidence that is apparent because of this collaboration. With that said, it is the perfect soundtrack for a party, a longer-than-usual car ride, or background music at home. A vibe setter for sure.

Take A Listen to Bars & Brews on all streaming platforms 4/20/22!

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