#BUFFACOLD: G Premacy is leveling up with latest album drop “The Transition”

From the first track (which features Dave East) to the last, G Prem’s latest album, The Transition consistently conveys themes of fortitude, patience, and growing pains: 

“Transition applies to anything you want it to/ The key is to remain fluid and unafraid of change/ Achieving your goals is easy once your thoughts are rearranged.” 

Credit: TheIndievisuals.com

“I enjoyed making the album’s title track the most because it was the first project that I ever had a mainstream artist be a part of,” said G Premacy.

Although it’s the first song, the album’s title track was one of the last to be written, and it acts as an update to listeners on what G has been up to for the last three years. 

The Transition has been in the works since before the pandemic, and it was nearly finished right around the time the world shut down in March of 2020. “I was coming off a really strong 2019 run commercially,” said G who was signed by Roc Nation’s independent distribution branch which ultimately ended up falling through around the same time. “We parted ways, took that momentum to do our own thing and put out the G.O.A.T. video,”which received close to 50,000 views on YouTube. 

Watch G Premacy ft. TW1TCH – G.O.A.T. (Official Video)

G Prem first announced The Transition in an interview with Lord Sear at Sirius XM’s SHADE45 in Feb. 2020. But the momentum came to a screeching halt when COVID hit. 

Adapting to the new normal, G and his team continued working and reshaping the new album, The Transition, until the world began to open up so they could properly release this extensive work of art he worked so long and hard on, integrating themes of the pandemic into the album.

“There were pros and cons to the situation but you have to see the positive,” G said. “I took this opportunity as I’m transitioning to commercial for a little bit of a re-brand to give myself more of an edge to my delivery and my message – a little more direct than how I was doing things in the past.”

The Transition by G Premacy

The Transition’s album art is a motif of the central themes throughout the album’s songs, particularly the isolation of the pandemic as well as the loneliness that comes with the perseverance, integrity, and determination to keep climbing to the top – in G’s case: the top of the hip-hop music industry.

On one side of the steps there are high-rise buildings and bright skies as a representation of wealth and success, juxtaposed by humble buildings that represent poverty. G is the figure climbing the stairs in the middle of poverty and wealth. 

“Nobody can walk your path with you,” said G of the album art and what it represents. “Those stairs were only set for me, so I’m the one walking those stairs.” 

The transition that the album is named after is “a triple entendre” said G. The first layer, and the most apparent, is a nod to the two-sided album. The transition from A- to B-side of the album signifies G’s transition from being an underground artist to his current elevated status. 

“As you listen, the album transitions from a more standard Buffalo sound (gritty and dark production) into a more polished, clean, commercial sound.”

The album’s title pays a second homage to G’s transition from the underground hip-hop world to the commercial hip-hop industry, as told and enhanced by the album’s three skits. The first skit is a reference to G’s stint as a car salesman who, in his spare time, would ravenously search for upcoming music festivals and other performance and network opportunities. 

“I had the vision in mind, but I didn’t have the steps laid out until this point,” said G. “I didn’t know this type of feeling really existed three or four years ago.” 

The other two skits signify G’s business savvy and entrepreneurial mindset that helped him make that transition into the commercial hip-hop industry. 

“More people are listening because it almost demands your attention. Hip-Hop is a competitive sport; you have to stand on your own and you have to have that confidence and energy of being the best rapper in Buffalo.” 

The Transition also represents the comparison between the album’s sound and today’s hip-hop music. 

“In comparison to today’s music, it’s a more aggressive tone and very direct and not necessarily melodic. But it’s meant to be a piece of work that people can grasp something from and relate back to their own lives,” said G, who hopes the album inspires listeners to improve for the better. 

In other words, not only does his album include amazing cadences, impressive deliveries and flow changes, but listeners can count on G to provide substantial content as well. 

“The Transition” produced by Beats Anonymous is the title track off G Premacy’s latest album.

“I try to use my gift to help whoever I can because me helping other people doesn’t take away from what I’m doing. I finally got to a place of peace and internal confidence, that not much can bother me. That’s what I try to get through to everybody,” G added. “Hopefully they understand it this way. If they don’t understand it this way, I hope they understand it the next time I say it a different way.”

One of the other ways G Premacy plans to use his gift to help others through an informational seminar for other local artists so that he can share what he knows about the industry. The seminar will be held on the anniversary of The Transition release, May 21st from 5-8PM at Milkie’s on Elmwood. 

G will also be performing a new project release at Milkie’s July 2nd from 8-12PM. Both events are 21+ per venue requirements. 


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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/G%20Premacy

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