I first spoke with rapper K.ROB around this time last year. The LME collective spearhead and creator had just finished his impressive series of solo album releases with projects Everyone’s Enuhmee, Duh Ones Who Play…, and Buhtween Us in 2020 and was tightening up his roster of artists. With talent spanning multiple states, K.ROB was preparing himself and his artists to debut new music throughout the Spring of 2021 into 2022. And they did just that.

Kicking it off with a group visual from the collectives’ 2020 single “Runnitback,” featuring Kami.Torah, Spadeo Nation, and JayWorld, K.ROB ushered in a dynamic rollout. James Wynn released his energetic single “I Know” in May of 2021, A fresh-faced Brian Gonsr dropped an EP with avid collaborator Joshiii titled Picture Day 2 in late July, Spadeo Nation offered up a fiery single titled “Natural Select” in September, and both K.ROB and Joh.E released singles in February 2022. Despite their hefty rollouts and significant collaborations – LME interestingly floats under the radar, partly with intention. But why?

As the heartbeat of LME, K.ROB is finding balance in time. Establishing a strong foundation and presence in Buffalo during the earlier part of his career, the LME leader is pacing himself and his team because, in all honesty, they could strike gold at any time.

“I want a mystique around K.ROB…I feel like some artists make the mistake of making themselves too accessible and I know it’s early for me, so I still wanna give people enough of me, but I don’t wanna give them too much,” the artist shared.

K.ROB is all about strategy and in many ways had a headstart. Born in Maryland, but raised mostly in Buffalo, a product of the city’s Performing Arts High School, and deeply inspired by his mother (Known as Asia Star), who’s been rapping for years, the rising lyricist’s approach is molded by experience and observation.

Entering Buffalo’s Hip-Hop scene in 2014, K.ROB’s participation in the music community solidified swiftly. Recalling his first show, with close friend and fellow artist Spadeo Nation – the young lyricist performed at Ujima Theatre among some now musical heavyweights like Ponzo Houdini, Ballistic Man, and Sxreammvker to name a few. Quickly forming close relationships with longtime artists in the Queen City, K.ROB gives nods to early supporters and collaborators like Richslave, Ghaf, Chill Ali, and Mile High.

But it was his 2018 effort Duhmmy that gave him that citywide stamp of approval. The 9-track opus, full of both spirit and angst showcased K.ROB’s aggressive flow, lyricism, and captivating presence. With a few select features from r&b talents Labrina, Charlie Vocals, and influential artist Gu Razer before he passed, Duhmmy’s release was both pivotal and mystifying. For one, the creation of Duhmmy was partly due to K.ROB’s travels in Georgia and Maryland, among other places. Duhmmy also went through phases of critique from friends and fellow artists like James Wynn and Shakamania X (who he made a novelty hip-hop Christmas project with called Santa’s Not Real…We Are) which ultimately led to its success. It didn’t take long after though for K.ROB to go back in hiding. His movement between states was partly due to forming a new LME.

K.ROB’s most recent single “Nobody” features cameos from fellow artists Joh.E and James Wynn.

 “I always wanted to be a part of a wave. You know early 2000s rap and late 90s rap. Death Row, Ruff Ryders, Later on, Oddfuture,” the rapper mentioned. “I grew up on rap crews. That energy, I’ve always been attracted to that.”

As LME – Love. Mastery. Elevation. – continues to find form and footing, it’s exciting to know that this rap group and record label is working, moving, and shaking right under our noses.

Check out LME on the #BUFFACOLD2022 Playlist!

Stay up to date with them here: https://instagram.com/thelmecollective?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

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