About Sneakvibing

Writer, Blogger, and Hip-Hop’s Corniest Fan.

What’s Poppin! Schondra Here.

A freelance culture writer by profession, I created Sneakvibing as a personal passion project to share my opinions and perspectives on Hip-Hop + R&B music- but it has become so much more. Now, a digital space where I can elevate artists and figures in my own backyard (Buffalo, NY that is) and beyond, Sneakvibing continues to integrate my love for music commentary and hip-hop culture.

The music industry is a pretty saturated market and my goal has always been to spread awareness on music that gets overlooked – uniquely, my interest in Buffalo’s music scene over the years has equipped me with priceless knowledge on the rising talent here which I tend to share a lot (So much that I have a whole section of the blog dedicated to Buffalo called #BUFFACOLD). As I, along with my growing team continues to navigate this new terrain for Sneakvibing, we are excited for you, our readers and supporters, to come on this journey with us!