About Sneakvibing

Let’s face it. The Music Industry is a saturated market and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In this day and age, it could be difficult to find “the good stuff,” so I try to make it a little easier by sharing commentary on artists, songs and albums I love. Sometimes that comes with a little humor or shade; but nevertheless, this is why I call myself Hip Hop’s Corniest fan- I love to learn about new music no matter how “different” it is. I’m a lady music lover that likes a bit of everything! Sneakvibing was birthed out of the realization that music IS Power; our culture, way of life and world is ruled by the music we listen too and sometimes I like to dive deep into that, but I also just like to share my opinions on the next best artist/song/vibe. With that said, you can expect artist profiles, album reviews and everything in between.

Sneakvibing is growing! My most recent articles have been about Hip-Hop and R&B artists in Buffalo, NY. To my fellow Buffalonians, get hip to the dope artists that could be living in your own backyard, and for everyone else, enjoy the show and stay tuned. More articles to come on your music faves!

***Hello! My name is Schondra Aytch and I am the writer/creator of Sneakvibing! Originally born in NYC and currently living in Buffalo, NY – I hope to share my unique perspective and connections about all your favorite artists; national and local. My obsession with pop culture and love for music is just the beginning of where my soul lies. As an writer, journalist, and thought-provoker, I want Sneakvibing to be the place where all passionate music lovers can come, chat, and feel represented.

Also tap into Sneakvibing approved playlists #BUFFACOLD and #SNEAKVIBING! Now available on Spotify and Apple Music! Links are all here: https://linktr.ee/SchondraAytch

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