#BUFFACOLD: As someone who has roots in New York City but experienced most of my life just eight hours north in the weirdly overshadowed, yet burgeoning city of Buffalo, NY,  I find myself discovering an interesting parallel between my two worlds. Both regions possess a plethora of talent, a thriving hip-hop culture, and an almost overbearing sense of ambition. In a world full of limited opportunity, my contribution to the ether should not only be focused on mega-celebrities already featured in their 4th issue of Vogue, but also with the kid on my train who sells his own beats or the girl down my street who posts her music on SoundCloud. As Buffalo’s cultural and artistic resurgence continues to reach new levels, it is more apparent than ever that my city’s talent has major potential. With that said #BUFFACOLD is an additional featured series that covers local Hip-Hop & R&B artists in Buffalo. Because sometimes the coldest places bring the heat! Yes, I came up with that.- Schondra Aytch

UPDATE: #Buffacold has become a wildly large part of Sneakvibing Blog! In the last year we’ve interviewed special artists, producers and figures from Buffalo who are not only making their mark regionally, but nationally. Stay tuned with #Buffacold as we continue to grow our blog in this unique space!

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